Do you love showing off your fierce side?  Are you someone who is seriously interested in going out there and really strutting your stuff to the world around you?  If so, than this black long sleeve sweat shirt is certainly going to help you move in the right direction.  It's got a great formfitting build that is going to help you look your best without even trying.  A pullover style with cuffs that emphasize the shape of your arms, there's a lot here to work with.

The best part about this sweater is the graphic of the roaring polar bear.  It shows that you are fierce and bold and something to be feared as you ago around and take on all of the things that are coming at you.  For those who are needing to find a way to put some confidence into their style, this is a great way go about doing it in a way that that will help you be remembered everywhere.  It'll give you a huge boost, too, in showing yourself off in a way that will reflect the inner bravery that you want the world to see and use for their own benefits.

SSD-769 Roaring Bear Sweater

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