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crypto. secure system are described and a .crypto. system needs to be secure. Also, practical considerations such as [.crypto. algorithm]{} choice and choice of .crypto. mode are discussed. Next, the concepts behind encryption and hashing are described and their use as a .crypto. system and in secure networking is examined. This text covers the material in [@Pierce:1999]. A .crypto. system should provide a means of verifying the identity of the entities communicating within the system, and should prevent entities, who are not supposed to be part of the system, from disrupting it. Cryptography ============ The purpose of cryptography is to establish a .crypto. system. Cryptography itself, however, is not a .crypto. system; it is the *interface* to the system that the user sees. .crypto. and secure communication --------------------------------- There are two sides to a secure communication: the sender and the receiver. The party doing the communication is a .crypto. system. This includes both the protocol that defines the manner of communication as well as the actual communication itself. A secure protocol itself requires a .crypto. system, and the communication, together, require a secure protocol and secure communication. To provide a secure protocol, a .crypto. system should be provided in a .crypto. protocol that enables a .crypto. method that ensures the security of the communication. When employing a secure method, the integrity and privacy of the communication must be protected. In the context of the Internet, the term “secure communication” often refers to the use of a .crypto. protocol that provides authentication and confidentiality. However, the use of the term is not limited to such protocols. Some protocols that secure information transmission are secure only in a limited sense, and require other techniques to make the protocol secure. The file transfer protocol (FTP), for example, securely transmits files, but requires a secure connection. The standard TCP/IP protocol can be used to secure a secure connection, so that the information can be securely transmitted. The issues that are of importance for secure communication on the Internet are authentication, confidentiality, and integrity. .crypto. system ---------------- The purpose of a .crypto. system is to provide secure communication. To do this, the




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