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New York, New York!!

T stands for… Trunkshow!

Together with Saks Fifth Avenue we planned this event at their New York location. A trunkshow is an event where you can give store personnel and customers a preview of the next collection and give them the opportunity to place orders for it already. The weather was not what we had hoped for. Rainy, windy and no temperatures like we are used to in Miami. Maybe we are just spoiled… So lets stop the complaining and tell you a little bit about our days in the Big Apple. We arrived one day before the event and were running around the city to get everything prepared for the coming days. The samples of the next collection were sent straight from Amsterdam to New York so we had to go pick them up at the delivery location. The next stop was a local printer service. We had chosen to print the lookbooks, banner and brand booklets there so we didn’t have to worry about damaging them during our flight. Last but not least we went to the Saks Fifth Avenue store to meet the people on the floor and have a little chat. From Thursday until Sunday you could find us on the 7th floor in the middle of the men’s sneakers department. Our Trunkshow was planned during the in-store event, Contemporary Week. If you were there you couldn’t miss us. SUSUDIO was present and so was the new collection! We were so excited when the Saks team came to see us. We are always in contact through email and phone with this very enthusiastic and young team and it is so nice to be able to put a face to the names now. We felt very welcome, thank you Saks!

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