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Susudio is a passionate designers team based in Amsterdam the Netherlands. The brand started in 2013 offering the first collections to the market. Driven by a firm focus, the team designs exclusive contemporary fashion for the urban fashion minded man.
Already discovered and exposed by several international celebrities the collection is currently available at more and more luxury stores around the world. Only the best luxury stores carry the collection. The brand aims to cater the high-end exclusive niche market.
Inspired by all that modern society offers, the style can be described as urban sophisticated. Due to refined details the style offers a minimalistic hence masculine look, bold and classy. At Susudio this style is baptised as  'Urban Couture'
With a strong connection to the heritage of Italian handcraft the brand carries the label 'Made in Italy',
adding high-end value to the brand.
Susudio aims to share a positive (+) vibe with the world, creating the good life.
By using fashion products as carrier, the brand hopes to transmit and share this vibe. Susudio proclaims a lifestyle to make men feel proud. A brand that is not sold on every corner of the street, but serving an exclusive market. Made for men who value exclusivity.
The brand targets a unique group of men who are open to experience the Susudio vibe. Men who are able to recognize and share this positive energy, to feel special and to stand out from the crowd.
We fit personality.
Carpe diem,
Susudio team
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