Susudio Medallion


Our mind is capable

of imaging everything.
It is ahead of reality and therefore

ahead of time.
As we think and dream in black and white, color is not
of great importance

at the fundament of designing.

We think in silhouettes by using 

black and grey shades.
The impact of a silhouette is

a vital part of a good design.
Once a concept is realized it can be shared with the world.
Is it masculine, feminine or for both.
Where a style can be positioned in between the two genders is
part of the identity of a brand.

A strong individual force in life

using the talents we posses
creates a clear direction in our future.
So strong it exceeds expectation.


We look up, we admire.
Heroes are created.
Real men like gods.
The gladiators of modern society.

Those who deserve a medallion.
Our gods,
your, your god.