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Rick Ross

Ricky Rozay wearing the luxury and sought-after 'Diamond Sole' sneaker for XXL Magazine.

Chinks are beginning to show in his armor. 2014’s Mastermind and Hood Billionaire received lukewarm reception compared to their predecessors, domestically selling under 400,000 copies and 200,000 copies, respectively. Hip-hop is fickle and you’re only as good as your last hit. It’s crucial that Black Market succeeds, not only for Ross as a rapper but as a businessman. He has his hands in everything from premium liquor to Wingstop chicken joints. Ross knows he needs to push units and ignite fans.“Most definitely, where you land [on the charts] matters,” he says. “You know, that’s the business aspect of it.” Read More: Rick Ross Thinks It's Disrespectful to Compare Drake and Meek to Jay and Nas - XXL |

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