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Najib Amhali wears Susudio

At the opening of the Bonjasky Academy, Najib Amhali poses together with three-time K-1 World Grand Prix super heavyweight champion Remy Bonjasky.

Najib, the popular Moroccan born Dutch comedian and actor, wears the long parka coat of Susudio. Najib, known as being one of the best stand-up comedians of the Netherlands presents at many television shows and is a welcome seen celebrity. Everywhere Najib appears he shares his positive vibe. Najib has gained popularity partly because of his comedic commentary on the multicultural society and his ability to show the Dutch how the life of immigrants and ethnic minorities in the Netherlands can be.

The jacket Najib wears is made of re-used French army clothes cut to square pieces and thereby recycled. The sneakers are also of Susudio, model DSSR, one of the first signature sneakers Susudio offered to the market.

Come to see Najib Amhali’s new show starting the 28th of June called ‘Gabbers’.

The show together with Ali B, Martijn Koning and Roue Verveer will be expected to blow the roof off!

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