Susudio x Lamborghini

Susudio's super exclusive design as fundament for a piece of art. The Diamond Sole sneaker of Susudio model DSSR has been used for a collaboration with Lamborghini. Luxury Swarovski stones are placed between the diamond stitched pattern that is recognizable for this luxury mid-top model. A refined contrast has been created with black colored stones presenting the logo of one of world's most exclusive super car brand. The Italian car brand is loved by all men who have a refined design taste. Lamborghini stands strong on top of the exotic cars between i.e. Ferrari and Mclaren. All Susudio shoes are recognizable by the pyramid shaped side of the sole unique in the world. Susudio strives to create great fashion for unique men. The proud owner of this unique pair of sneakers is the Borussia Dortmund player Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (more images follow). A super talented football player and real cool fashion dude wearing a unique brand. For those who feel the urge to distinguish feel free to contact Susudio.

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